Dodge Durango: The Unordinary SUV

It seems like everyone has an SUV these days, but you'll set yourself apart when you choose the Dodge Durango. The great looking mid-size SUV is just the ticket when it comes to classy looking vehicles. Say goodbye to mediocrity and hello to cutting-edge design that will have all of your friends talking.

The Durango has an exterior style that's meant to impress starting with bright paint colors that tell everyone your coming. You'll have a choice of six different front grilles to express your individual style. Red LED racetrack taillamps have 192 individual lamps for a stunning display, especially at night.

Want to turn even more heads on the road? Add Mopar Dual stripes on the hood and on the liftgate to give your Dodge Durango R/T or SRT trims and even more aggressive and sporty look. This is no ordinary SUV when it comes to style.

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