Financing: a big piece of the car ownership puzzle

Shopping for a car can be exciting, but sometimes we forget the major component: financing. Whether you're looking at the Dodge Challenger, Jeep Compass, or Ram 1500, choosing the right financing route to take is key.

So which option is best for you? Well, leasing is a good fit for anyone who enjoys a new car every three years, likes the lower monthly payments, and doesn't mind mileage restrictions. Buying is a good idea if you want the ability to have the higher payments end once the loan is paid off, build equity, and want to travel with your vehicle. Regardless of which you choose, we're here to help our Bedford customers get on the road.

To help explain your options better, we have shared this informative and entertaining video. When you're ready for a test drive, or have any questions about the process of financing, let us know. We're here to provide you with the best customer service experience.

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